Happy Friday!

aaay what’s shakin?!
iLl be uploading more vids for you guys too!
Check out the latest vlog & mix before you get your weekend started!


New Video!!! Connect the Dots – Omerta ft. Ayo Nish!!

Love to all you guys!!!
iKnow, iKnow…”Nish where have you been?!” ..i’ll get to that in another post!!..

For now?! Peep the dope vid with Omerta!!
If you guys have been keeping up, then you would know this isn’t our first time linking!

This record was produced by Aquarius Productions & the visual was captured by Mike Dispenza!!! Get familiar!!!

Support Dope!!!


Harlem Reality Dreamers!!!

So, upon coming back from Atl, i received a mission from Dubz,Coach W., whom which is a Teacher at New Design Middle School in West Harlem…
they needed a mix for their talent show..Check out Coach W., Kai, and Jahlil doing their thing!



Check out my brother Culture and I putting in some work..

Shouts out to AJ for the footage chop!!


Horizon on the Hudson Bloopers & Fun Moments 2013!

Happy Monday!! :)
As many of you know, i teach Creative Expression classes at several schools in the Newburgh District..
Here are some of our Bloopers & Fun Moments!

Much love to all my Reality Dreamers!

Reality Dreamers HOH 2013

I love my kids!!!

Stay focused!


Skyy’s Blue Official Video! :)

Here you guys go!

Once again special thank you to all who were involved. From the characters in the film who attend/work at Newburgh Free Academy, 21st Century After School Initiative Program, the Cosmetology Program, Phanatiks Ent, and Perfect Touch Ent Fam. Appreciative x’s 1,000!!!

Spread the word..Want What You Deserve!


Just in case!… skip the intro song..

I’ve been noticing that a lot of you actually like it…
I appreciate the love!


Scattered Thoughts..

A lot of you guys ask me for more of my own music..

Here we ago!

I’m debating on whether or not I want to do a video for this joint..
..I was just in one of those moods..felt good being there, so i stayed for a while and here we go..


The way I came up with throwing Maya Angelou’s pow “Still I Rise” was simple…it actually influenced the title.

Maya Angelou possess this superpower I don’t see in many women..and She understands the power in her words.
Ms. Angelou was actually the first woman/person I chose to write about during Black History Month in 5th grade.
There are a lot of maaaaaaany other reasons as to why I chose her as well, but that would take all day! :) Enjoy The Day..


New Tunes! :) Shine bright like a…

New Blend..just in case you skipped the intro to the website!
I appreciate you guys for real!
THe love is amazing! :)



..Retiring the intro lol! :)

Aaaaay! I do my best with keeping the intro different for you guys..

not too bad..I’m swapping it now as you read..
but in case you miss the switch?! Check me tho! Rest In Peace Whitney Houston!!

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Nishmix) – Whitney Houston (RIP) by AyoNish

Never can and will be forgotten :) Love!


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