Happy Humpday!

lol…Happy Dry Humpday hahaha…
what’s up tho?!
Make sure you guys are keeping up with me!

iLl be releasing new art all the time…
you can always check here FiRst!!!

…Sooo iKnow iTs not Thursday, but this joint was & still is one of my fav #Nishmix cuts from #GED9!

Stay Dope!



Happy Veterans Day!
Today iS #TalentTuesday!
And iD like to iNtroduce you to one of the most talented & educated artists that iKnow!!!…
SES Da Great!

ses da great

One of his many vids with a dope message!

His message and what he stands for is unlike any!
#TRUSIC = True Righteous Unique Successful Inspiring Creative
Check out his art including his community involvement and see how you can get involved!

Keep up with him on Twitter & Insta too!

Thank you SES Da Great for being a #RealityDreamer!
We Salute you!



aaay we’re getting closer to the wknd!
iM actually DJing a sweet 16 for the twins!… my little cousins :)

But ay #throwbackthursday
Remember this joint?

L. Boogie iS one of my favorite artists of all tiiime!


Carousel #Nishmix

iFound something else that iLiked!!!
This chick Melanie Martinez iS pretty dope!

iF you already have #GED11 & want just this song?!… then download the FULL HERE!


Be Safe!

aaay So iDont celebrate Halloween, but iJust had to post one of the cutest costumes that iVe seen iN a long time!

Enjoy & please be safe out there…
Oh and Here are some helpful tips and stuff…
Check iT OUT!!!



:) aaay!
iF you’ve been rocking with me for a while, then you would know that this was one of my favorite joints!

Missy smashed this!

iLoved iT so much that iDid a remix!

…then iEven did a video!!!




Shouts to DJ Young 1!
Follow her!!!

The video isn’t the best, but iLove how she’s taking her time to get the blend!

Now the scratching!!!

much love Young 1!!!


Happy Friday!

aaay what’s shakin?!
iLl be uploading more vids for you guys too!
Check out the latest vlog & mix before you get your weekend started!


New Video!!! Connect the Dots – Omerta ft. Ayo Nish!!

Love to all you guys!!!
iKnow, iKnow…”Nish where have you been?!” ..i’ll get to that in another post!!..

For now?! Peep the dope vid with Omerta!!
If you guys have been keeping up, then you would know this isn’t our first time linking!

This record was produced by Aquarius Productions & the visual was captured by Mike Dispenza!!! Get familiar!!!

Support Dope!!!


Harlem Reality Dreamers!!!

So, upon coming back from Atl, i received a mission from Dubz,Coach W., whom which is a Teacher at New Design Middle School in West Harlem…
they needed a mix for their talent show..Check out Coach W., Kai, and Jahlil doing their thing!


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